• The First Fight to The Champion

    Levels of competition, training, registration and the fight

    Boxing Charity Challenge

    Your first fight! 

    Our Boxing Challenge Challenge or corporate boxing is an officially registered boxing fight, similar to a club fight. However, you will be matched with another novice boxer from our team, or from another team. Your opponent will have the same level of experience, weight, and age category as you. We have the right to refuse any match we are not comfortable with. The match will be confirmed by the coaches before the event. In all other aspects, it is the same as another officially registered boxing fight.

    What is Club Boxing?

    Regular amateur boxing events are held almost every weekend throughout Australia and are sanctioned by the Combat Sports Authority and Boxing Australia. To ensure that all bouts comply with regulations, registered officials, doctors, promoters, matchmakers, coaches, and boxers must be present. Attendance is either free or paid, and the boxing uniforms and T-shirts often feature the club logo. Fans can express their support by wearing club T-shirts and cheering on the boxers.

    What is a Boxing Tournaments

    These esteemed tournaments, such as Golden Gloves and King of the Ring, are multi-day events in which boxers progress from one day to the next, culminating in championship bouts on the final day. All boxers must meet the weight requirements and pass medical clearance by the physician every day prior to the event.

    What about Amatour Start and National Championships?

    State championships are multi-day events held in every state and territory of Australia. Participating clubs submit boxers in each category including, weight, age, gender, and experience. Winners in the Elight classes can represent their state in the Australian Boxing Championships.


    Here are the Elite criteria.

    Rule 4. Elite age categories is for a boxer aged 19 to 40 years inclusive


    Rule 1.1.15: To be eligible to compete in the Australian Boxing Championships or National Selection Competitions, male elite boxers and male youth boxers must have competed in a minimum of ten (10) bouts, female elite, and female youth boxers must have competed in a minimum of seven (7) bouts, Exhibition bouts, and competition sparring are not to be considered when determining the number of bouts in which a boxer has competed.

    How do I become a Profession Boxer?

    That is a very common question in gyms all over Australia. Professional boxers have to be registered by the same authorities as amateur boxers. A professional bout is also sanctioned by a professional body, but there is no level of skill required to be registered as a professional boxer! There are some minor differences in the rules for each sanctioning body and a LOT of politics. The best-known professional bodies are?

    The ANBF is the sanctioning body for Australian title contests and is considered the peak body for professional boxing in Australia and the official compiler of Australian ratings.