• Our Team

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    Coach and Boxer

    Chy is the founder of Get Fit Boxing. He was a Bronze medalist in the Masters Games 2013. He is the head coach at PCYC North Sydney.

    e. Chy@GetFitBoxing.com.au

    m. 0405 181 600

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    world-rankedCoach, Boxer, and PT

    Sara a world ranked Professional Boxer, as an amateur, she was the Australian Silver Medallist 2018, 57 kg division and twice a NSW State Champion boxer and personal trainer. She has competed interstate and Internationally.


    She is available for private boxing or PT classes.

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    Coach and PT

    Alex wants people to experience the joys and benefits of training. He feels we have the choice to give ourselves and our bodies the maximum opportunity to retain youth, fitness, and agility by training on a regular basis. He loves helping people see that choice.

    • Australian Championships 1990 Kyokushin Karate 2nd Dan Black Belt.
    • Licence Kickboxing/ Thai-boxing 1995-2005
    • State title 1996
    • Australian title 1998
    • 28 fights Australia/Thailand
    • Boxing 18 fights Australia/ Thailand
    • Boxing Coaching level 1 Certified Boxing Kickboxing coach

    Army Officer 1991-94Private and Commercial Pilot's

    m. 0498 659 778

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    Instructor and Crew

    Lizzie is a strong, fierce but very friendly person with a passion for strength and fitness.


    The queen of conditioning.

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    Matt F


    Matt is an instructor with years of experience, a very good eye for technique correction, and a passion for boxing and teaching.


    Coach at PCYC North Sydney

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    Instructor and Crew

    Caroline is a tall beauty with a massive right cross. She loves boxing and all of life's adventures.

    She is Miss Adventure!

    Link to Miss Adventure page


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    Matt P

    Coach and Boxer

    Matt is a boxer and coach at PCYC North Sydney.


    Boxing is an obsession for Matt - he has tried to quit on multiple occasions since 2005 but just keeps getting drawn back. His last fight left tremendous room for improvement but still won him gold at the Australian Masters' Games (64kg), where he was tasked with beating up the former Mayor of Maribyrnong. As a Boxing Australia Level 1 coach, Matt feels super satisfied when he helps unlock next-levels in someone's development to bring them closer to their goals. His best punch is probably the jab but his favourite is definitely the left hook. His favorite colour is red, but, for unknown reasons, he seems to wear blue most of the time.