• Boxing Classes for Beginners

    Our class are suitable for beginners aged 13 to 70+

    Beginner Boxing Classes

    Are you looking for the ideal to get fit and improve your mental and physical strength and confidence?

    Why not sign up for our beginner boxing classes in North Sydney? We offer a fun, focused, yet relaxed environment and a proven training plan that caters to participants of all levels of fitness and experience. Becoming fit and strong has never been this enjoyable.


    Today’s modern lifestyle means it is often hard to fit in time for exercise. However, the fact is that keeping fit and healthy improves your overall health and contributes to your well-being and happiness. So, we’ve designed our beginner boxing workouts to help you get fit and strong while having fun, with the added benefit of learning to box. Here are some more benefits:

    • Feel better: Boxing is not about beating the daylights out of your opponent, far from it. Instead, the sport teaches you that your only real opponent is yourself. Physical fitness through boxing helps bring about a better mood and better overall productivity.
    • Boost your confidence: As you progress in your fitness journey, your boxing knowledge also increases. As a result, along with your level of fitness and expertise, you will experience a boost in confidence, which will stand you in good stead both in the ring and in your everyday life.
    • Be healthier: As you learn to box, your endurance will increase, your muscles and bones will strengthen, and your coordination and balance will improve. Enjoy the numerous health benefits that come with being physically fit.

    Learning to box is about improving your health, physical fitness, strength, endurance, and balance, and there’s no harm in making new friends along the way. The gym is ideal for meeting like-minded people in your local community.

    Learn to box and get fit for boxing. Our community-based fitness gym in North Sydney provides professional boxing classes to people of all fitness and skill levels. Our experienced coaches follow tried and tested training methods to help our members achieve optimal fitness, strength, balance, and agility through the medium of boxing.


    In addition, you can expect:

    • To check the fit: Our beginner boxing package consists of three fun introductory classes designed to show you the benefits of learning to box and let you determine if it is the right fit for you.
    • To get fit: Once you’ve completed your initial three classes, you can decide if you want to take it further. We offer comprehensive boxing and fitness training from beginner to expert level.
    • Affordability: Our beginner boxing classes are reasonably priced at just $30 for the first three classes. We pride ourselves on providing fitness and boxing training that is affordable and effective.

    We are a local boxing and fitness gym with more than a decade’s experience in the North Sydney area. We employ a well-researched and proven training methodology and a team of highly experienced coaches to help you achieve all your boxing and fitness goals.

    So, why wait? Sign up today.