Intro Pack $30 3 Classes

    1 Pair of Hand Wraps 2 Home workout videos 8 Intro Boxing videos.


  • What we have for you

    We want to help you get fitter and healthier while having fun.

    Learn real boxing skills from real boxing coaches and boxers.

    Our Intro Pack is only $30 for 3 classes.


    Boxing Classes


    Essential Classes: Learn essential boxing skills like Pad work, Punching, and Defense, using straightforward combos. Great for beginners and builds fitness.

    Classic Classes: Feature interactive combos, more advanced footwork, fitness, and conditioning.

    Advanced skills: Introduction to sparring, combat drills and skills. Please bring a mouthguard.

    Competition boxing: For those looking to complete as a registered Boxer!

    Class Memberships


    No contracts.

    Intro Pack: $30 for 3 visits

    Casual: $30 per visit

    Once a Week 10 Pass: $45 Discount

    Unlimited $46 weekly

    Boxing Charity Challenge

    Charity Challenge

    Train for your first fight and raise funds for Charity.

    Lights, Music, Box!

    Training starts Monday 12 February. Book NOW

    Boxing Resources



    Videos on skills and drills.

    Photo Gallery

    Useful links

  • Location

    PCYC North Sydney

    224 Falcon Street North Sydney.

    1 Hour Parking on Lytton Street.