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    $30 Intro Pack of 3 Classes.

    Plus a Free pair of hand wraps.

    at PCYC Nth Syd 224 Falcon Street. MAP link

  • Community-Based Gym

    At Get Fit Boxing, we're friendly and community-minded, based in the boxing gym at PCYC North Sydney.

    Our introductory offer of 3 classes for $30 is ideal for anyone wanting to try their hand at boxing. We'll also throw in some free hand-wraps so you have everything you need to get started.

    Intro Pack

    Experienced Coaches And Instructors

    Our team are all long-time boxers themselves and come to coaching with a genuine passion for the sport.

    Skills and Drills Videos

    Be Your Best Self

    The Get Fit Boxing team is here to see you be fitter, stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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    Get Fit Boxing Members a discount from the Everlast Boxing online store.


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  • Our Classes

    Location: PCYC North Sydney, 224 Falcon Street North Sydney.

    Parking: Lytton and surrounding streets. MAP link

    GFB Classic Boxing

    1 Hour pad work classes

    Perfect for learning real boxing skills without getting hit. You will learn when, why, and how to use specific boxing combos.


    The class consists of shadow boxing, partner pad work, noncontact combos, and conditioning in 3 minute rounds.


    Strengthen bones and muscles, better balance, improved coordination and builds self-confidence with real skills.

    GFB Classic PLUS

    1 Hour circuit + touch sparring

    Take your skills to the next level with expert pad work and touch sparring.


    These classes include drills and skills in a circuit format featuring pad work with one of our crew. 


    The optional sparring drills in the ring to improve your skills in a controlled environment. A great introduction to competition boxing, giving you an appreciation of boxing.

    Animal Flow®

    45 min strength and flexibility

    Animal Flow® is a ground-based movement, made fun, challenging, and effective. This system is designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Animal Flow® has something for everybody!
    No equipment required or shoes required. Just be ready to move your body.

    Charity Challenge

    Boxing Charity Challenge

    A 12-week program leading to your first fight as a registered boxer and raising funds for PCYC North Sydney.


    A structured program with 3 sessions a week including:

    • Footwork and Fundamental Punches. 
    • Defence; Slip, Weave, Block, and Parry. 
    • Counter Punching Skills. 
    • Attacking Options
    • Ring Craft

    Your opponent will have the same level of experience, weight and age category as you.

    Link to more info.


    Happy and Healthy

    Our classes can
    • Lift your mood, 
    • Boost your endurance
    • Strengthen bones and muscles
    • Give you better balance
    • Improved coordination
    • Builds self-confidence.
    A great
    • Aerobic exercise
    • Burns lots of calories
    • Boost your endurance 
    • Lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. 
    • Improvement in certain brain functions.
  • Grading Days

    Grading Days are on special events
    To help you get motivated and set goals, we have grading days. You can test your boxing skills and fitness when our trainer will put you through your paces with high-intensity pad work rounds. See the front desk to schedule your Grading and let us know your shirt size.

    Bronze level is 4 rounds, covering the fundamental skills: stance, balance, 8 fundamental punches, 2 and 3 punch combos and a full-on cardio round.

    Silver level is 6 rounds, covering Bronze level skills plus: up to 6 defensive moves, 3 and 4 punch combos.

    Gold level is 8 rounds, covering Silver level skills plus: up to 10 countering punching combos, 5 and 6 punch combos.

    Platinum level is 10 rounds, covering Gold level skills plus interactive combos.


    These are extremely high-intensity rounds. You will receive a training shirt with a logo of the level completed as a sign of your achievement.

    Booking is essential! Additional costs apply: Bronze $60, Silver $80, Gold $100 and Platinum $120.

  • Our Team


    Coach and Boxer

    Chy is the founder of Get Fit Boxing. He was a Bronze medalist in the Masters Games 2013. He is the head coach at PCYC North Sydney.
    m. 0405 181 600


    Coach, Boxer and PT

    Sara a Professional Boxer, as an amateur, she was the Australian Silver Medallist 2018, 57 kg division and twice a NSW State Champion boxer and personal trainer. She has competed interstate and Internationally.


    She is available for private boxing or PT classes.


    Coach and PT

    Alex wants people to experience the joys and benefits of training. He feels we have the choice to give ourselves and bodies the maximum opportunity to retain youth, fitness and agility by training on a regular basis. He loves helping people see that choice.

    • Australian Championships 1990 Kyokushin Karate 2nd Dan Black Belt.
    • Licence Kickboxing/ Thai-boxing 1995-2005
    • State title 1996
    • Australian title 1998
    • 28 fights Australia/Thailand
    • Boxing 18 fights Australia/ Thailand
    • Boxing Coaching level 1 Certified Boxing Kickboxing coach

    Army Officer 1991-94
    Private and Commercial Pilot's

    M. 0498 659 778

    Matt P

    Coach and Boxer

    Matt is a boxer and coach at PCYC North Sydney.


    Boxing is an obsession for Matt - he has tried to quit on multiple occasions since 2005 but just keeps getting drawn back. His last fight left tremendous room for improvement but still won him gold at the Australian Masters' Games (64kg), where he was tasked with beating up the former Mayor of Maribyrnong. As a Boxing Australia Level 1 coach, Matt feels super satisfied when he helps unlock next-levels in someone's development to bring them closer to their goals. His best punch is probably the jab but his favourite is definitely the left hook. His favourite colour is red, but, for unknown reasons, he seems to wear blue most of the time.



    Naoko is a Certified Animal Flow Instructor. She is a friendly, strong, and flexible little powerhouse.


    See Naoko in action.

    Link to videos


    Matt F


    Matt is an instructor with years of experience, a very good eye for technique correction, a passion for boxing and teaching.



    Coach at PCYC North Sydney


    ​Instructor and Crew

    Lizzie is a strong, fierce but very friendly person with a passion for strength and fitness.


    The queen of conditioning.


    Instructor and Crew

    Ric has a passion for boxing and years of experience to share.


    Coach at PCYC North Sydney


    Instructor and Crew

    Caroline is a tall beauty with a massive right cross. She loves boxing and all of life's adventures.

    She is Miss Adventure!

    Link to Miss Adventure page


  • Contact us

    General enquiries or private classes 

    For additional information on any of our classes please email us at Chy@GetFitBoxing.com.au. Phone 0405 181 600

    Get Fit Boxing Pty Ltd, ABN 69 156 140 519.