• Boxing Charity Challenge - Your First Fight

    Boxing Training for a Fight

    Do you have a boxing match coming up? In that case, why not sign up for professional boxing training for a fight through the leading boxing gym in North Sydney? Any boxer will tell you that on fight day, the only thing determining victory is your level of preparedness. Preparation is everything when it comes to achieving success.

    Our team of professional and highly experienced coaches will provide you with the best boxing fight training, ensuring you get into the ring completely ready for whatever your opponent can dish out. We offer a comprehensive, holistic training regimen that will see you at your best on fight day. Here is what we will focus on:

    • Fitness, endurance, and conditioning: Our team will work closely with you, helping you to hone your fitness, strength, and stamina in preparation for the upcoming fight using our tried and tested fitness training methodology. We will help you prepare in every aspect, including supplying you with an eating plan to ensure your body gets the nutrition it requires for optimal performance.
    • Agility and strategy: Boxing is more a match of wit and endurance than one of pure brawn. Our coaches will employ our unique methodology to help you evade the worst punches and effectively outwit and outlast your opponent. We will teach you to create opportunities in the ring, placing your opponent under pressure and forcing mistakes to your advantage.
    • Mental preparation: Boxing is as much a mental sport as a physical one. We will help you prepare for your big fight, developing and building confidence in your strength and skills to give you the mental edge over your opponent.

    We are a professional fitness boxing gym in North Sydney, offering training for participants of all skill levels and backgrounds, and boxing training for a fight.



    Get Fit

    Get Fighting Fit!


    Are you up for the thrill and challenge of becoming a boxer?


    The next training camp starts on Monday, February 12.

    The fight nights are scheduled for May 3rd, 4th, and 10th.

    To get started, we require a signup fee of $250, and afterward, it is only $100 a week.

    Promotor Sydney Fight League - The Contender series.

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    Charity Challenge

    Challenge yourself and help others.


    A 12-week of a structured program to get you ready for fighting as a boxer and raising funds for charity. It can be 11-14 weeks depending on the event schedule.


    Limit of 20 team members per class.


    • Be a local hero
    • Get fit
    • Lose weight
    • Be stronger
    • Be more confident
    • Learn real boxing skills in a real boxing ring

    Join the Get Fit Boxing Charity Challenge Team.


    Register Your Interest Today!


    If you're ready to go Buy the Charity Challenge Membership and Book.

  • News

    Here is the latest news on the Charity Challenge

    Charity Challenge 2023 at Sydney Contender

    Train with Get Fit Boxing. Fight at Sydney Contender.

    Start training in February and fright at the end of May. Sydney Contender includes:

    • Open sparring days
    • Training Singlet
    • The download of Professional phots
    • Videos of your fight
    • Access to all fights on the night

    Professional promotion fees allow. See https://www.sydneyfightleague.com/

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    Entry is Now Open

    Fundraising for our PCYC North Sydney Charity

    Boxing Charity Challenge entry is NOW OPEN!

    Register from the website to get more info.

    Register your interest by email to chy@getfitboxing.com.au

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    Charity Challenge 2020 Team Raised $4,247 for our PCYC

    Training Mon, Wed & Sat morn @ PCYC North Sydney

    Only two weeks in the 10-wk training program and our group of Boxers are true skills in the ring, getting ready for the official sparring event on 18th Dec!

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    November 29 Fight Night 2019

    Funds raised for our PCYC's Time 4 Kids

    Last year the team had their fight night on November 29 at Hornsby RSL. It was a great night. We ended up with two boxers but both won by stoppage and raised money for charity. Contrate.

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    Charity Challenge Weekly Training Sessions

    Our Boxers are truly progressing with their ring IQ!

    Our dedicated Boxing charity group are displaying great potential in the ring, learning fundamental skills and ring knowledge required for sparring, to bring on the official day! It's not too late to join the team!

  • Training

    Training Schedule

    North Sydney Team


    *limit of 20 team members per class


    Monday 6:45-7:45 AM


    Wednesday 6:45-7:45 AM


    Saturday 7:30-8:30 AM


    Or Saturday 10:00 AM - Later in the program we will join the Club Competition Team for sparring

    The Skills

    The sessions will be focused on the progression of your skills as a boxer. These are the steps we will follow;

    1. Footwork and Fundamental Punches are the foundation of boxing. These drills and skills will continue to be repeated throughout the program.
    2. Defence; Slip, Weave, Block and Parry. Alone with footwork, you will need to add defensive skills. You will learn to be capable and comfortable with defending yourself in the ring. Knowing about your hand position, head movement and body position will help you to defend yourself.
    3. Counter Punching Skills are next, once you can defend, you can counter punch and attack. Good counter punching will score points and discourage your operant from attacking.  
    4. Attack Options skills allow you to create your own attacking opportunities. Moving in-and-out or circling during your attack will also help you avoid your opponent’s counter punching.
    5. Ring Craft is the art of hitting without getting hit, it includes ring awareness, knowing where you and your operant are in the ring, how to manoeuvre in and out of the corner, how to fight opponents with different styles, physical characterises and strengths.

    You may need to do other training exercises to improve your overall fitness level like the Get Fit Boxing Classic classes, running, cycling or weight training. You will be able to spar for 4 to 6 rounds of 3 minutes before your first bout of 3 rounds of 2 minutes

    Match Making

    • You will be matched with another novice boxer from our team, or from another team. Your opponent will have the same level of experience, weight and age category as you. 
    • We have the right to refuse any match we are not comfortable with. The match will be confirmed by the coaches before the event.

    The Charity

    • We are raising money for the PCYC North Sydney’ Charity Account. 
    • Fundraising will be via sponsorship with the funds being deposited directly into the PCYC North Sydney account from the charity platform.
    • For the PCYC, you will hear firsthand from our club Police caseworkers on the work you are supporting in our community.

    Training Fees

    • There is a signup fee of $250. The cost is $100 a week including 3 sessions a week by direct debit. 
    • If you miss a session you can join the Fighters class on Wednesday night to keep progressing your fitness and skills.

    Covid Safe Practices & Training Equipment

    • All participants must be Covid tested before the start of training and x3 days before Sparring Day.
    • The boxing room will be cleaned before and after class to maintain hygiene standards.
    • All participants will need to supply their own gloves and headgear if you don't already have your own 16 oz gloves, headgear, groin guard, and mouthguard.
    • All participants will get presented with a team Charity Challenge Team shirt at the end.

    Registration as a Boxer.

    • This is not required if it is a competition sparring event. 
    • You get help with official registration as a boxer with Combat Sports Authority and Boxing Australia NSW. 
    • Registration fees of $120 apply. PCYC Membership is $30 for 12 months.

    Competition Sparring Day

    • If a Fight Night is not available.
    • The Sparring Challenge will be judged by our own Get Fit Boxing expert Boxing coaches.
    • The event will be live-streamed on Facebook for family and friends to watch from home.


    • Weekly training sessions and the sparring day will be held at the Boxing Ring at PCYC North Sydney, 224 Falcon Street North Sydney.