• Boxing Fitness

    Discover Boxing and the Benefits of Boxing Fitness

    Why Choose Boxing?

    Boxing is one of the fastest-growing sports in Australia, having increased by 131% since 2005, particularly during the pandemic. Boxing fitness is a significant part of this boom, with beginners and fitness boxers falling in love with the discipline.


    Get Fit Boxing offers classes, coaching, and courses by boxing and fitness professionals, helping you get and stay fit while learning as much as possible about boxing from real fighters in an authentic ring.

    Why Choose Us for Boxing for Fitness?

    Choose Get Fit Boxing to learn basic boxing skills, including pad work, conditioning, and drills, keeping you fit, strong, flexible and confident.


    Try our classes for an exceptional workout or apply for our 12-week Charity Challenge course to qualify as a registered boxer and fight to raise funds for the Police Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC).


    We offer:

    • The health and mental benefits of boxing: Beyond helping you stay stronger and healthier, our classes can help improve coordination and balance, strengthen bones, increase stamina, lower blood pressure and lift your mood. This highly energetic and aerobic activity also burns calories for those boxing for weight loss.

    • A community-based and minded gym: We are based at the PCYC in North Sydney. The club is open to everyone, offers various programs, and has a cardio room, a fully equipped weights room, a dojo and karate room, a boxing room, a hall space, a kitchen, a meeting room, toilets, and showers.

    • Convenient classes: Our team offers a range of group classes, including 60-minute Get Fit Boxing Classic and Advanced Skills (with touch sparring), Boxing Charity Challenge, 45-minute Animal Flow®, and private sessions. Our classes run from 6:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and 9:00 am on Saturday. Private sessions are available at other times.

    We conduct our group classes in a ring at the PCYC's dedicated boxing room. The private sessions are limited to six students per instructor so that you can count on individualised attention for optimal development.

    What Sets Us Apart for Fitness Boxing

    Beyond an impressive and practical portfolio of boxing classes and courses, we also offer you:

    • Skill and experience: We have been operating since 2012, so we have diverse and long experience. Our team of passionate boxers and coaches includes our founder and head coach, Chy, a bronze medallist in the 2013 Masters Games, coach and personal trainers Sara - a professional boxer and Australian Silver Medallist in 2018, and Alex – army officer, pilot, multiple title boxing champion, karate Second Dan Black Belt and licensed Thai and Kickboxing, coach. Then we have Matt P – boxer and coach, Naoko – certified Animal Flow® instructor, coach Matt F, and instructors and crew, Lizzie, Ric, and Caroline.

    • An enticing introductory offer: Our Intro Pack includes three classes for $30. It is perfect for anyone interested in giving boxing a try. In addition, to sweeten the deal, the pack also includes free hand wraps, so there's no excuse not to get boxing.

    • Grading days: We schedule these special events, our grading days, to help you monitor your progress, with your instructor testing your fitness and skills during high-intensity pad work sessions. We offer bronze to platinum rounds, depending on your level. On passing each level, we'll present you with a training shirt with a logo showing your achievement. Booking is essential.


    Our special events and milestones help you get and stay motivated, set goals, and work towards meeting them. So, open your account, choose your membership, and get started.