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    Started by boxing coaches in 2012, to share their passion and knowledge of boxing to help build a more confident and healthier community. For beginners to champions.


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  • Classes and Fees


    Get Fit Boxing Classic

    Perfect for learning real boxing skills without getting hit. You will lean when, why and how to use specific boxing combos.


    The Warmup includes shadow boxing, where we go over the skills and combos that will be used during pad work.


    In Pad Work, you will punch for one round and hold pads for one round. You get to practice the skills and build your confidence. After a few classes you can get very good, learn a lot about boxing and get fit.


    We finish with Conditioning. If you have a lot left in the tank, go for it! If you are just getting srtated you can ease in to it and build your fitness.


    Fees are:

    $22 Casual, $200 for a 10 Pass

    $18 Casual Student/Seniors and $180 for a 10 pass.

    $30 Intro Pack for 3 classes.

    Adv Skills & Sparring

    Get Fit Boxing Sparring

    This introduction to sparring is where you get to do competition level drills with shadow boxing, on the bags and with a partner.


    You will be Instructed on specific boxing skills, practice appling and advancing your skills.


    Then Touch Sparring in the ring to practice these skills in a controlled enviroment. The sparring may be paused to allow you to replay the use of the skills.


    Additional Sparring contact may be allowed by the instructor for the more experienced boxers.


    A mouth guard is required and headgear is provided.


    Fees are:

    $22 Casual, $200 for a 10 Pass.

    $18 Casual Student/Seniors and $180 for a 10 pass.

    $30 Intro Pack for 3 classes.

    Charity Challance

    Boxing Charity Challenge

    A 12-week program for those looking to challenge themselves and help others by competing as a boxer and raising funds for PCYC North Sydney or another charity of your choice.


    This is a structured program with 3 sessions a week includuing:

    • Footwork and Fundamental Punches. 
    • Defence; Slip, Weave, Block and Parry. 
    • Counter Punching Skills. 
    • Attacking Options
    • Ring Craft

    Your opponent will have the same level of experience, weight category and age group as you.


    Please visit the Charity Challenge page for the next intake and more information.

    Appointment Fees

    Private Appointments

    Boxing Skills private sessions will help you master boxing skills that meet your requirments, allow you to take advantage of your speific abilities and physical attributes.


    Stregnth training is all about developing your ovderall strength and power. Power-to-weight is what you need in boxing and in life. Our coaches will help you get stronger and more powerful.


    Private sessions of 1-4 people are available. Fees are:

    • 45 Minutes for $75
    • 60 Minutes for $100

    Mindbody App booking available.

    Phots and Videos

    Free Resourcses

    Class videos and photos are avialble. Click to access Videos of the class, Slow motion combos and moves are available from our YouTube channel.


    We have also included free Boxing skills and Stregnth training videos.


    Link directly to the Fundamental Skills Playlist


    Link to the Boxing Strength and Conditioning Exercise Playlist


    For more Boxing Skills and Training Tip floow us on our Facebook and Instagram.

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  • FAQ

    Here are a list of the frequently asked questions

    Can I just turn up without a reserved spot?
    - Yes, just turn up ready to exercise and get fit, booking via the MindBody App or Website is preferred.


    Can I book and pay online?

    - Yes, you can book and pay from this website, select "Book" or download the MindBody App and use that to book and pay for classes.


    Do I need my own gloves?

    - We provide gloves, wraps and focus pads, but encourage you to get your own. The PCYC provides change rooms and showers.


    Can I come on my own?
    - Yes, you will meet friendly people there to partner up with.


    Do you allow beginners?
    - Yes, we have Crew members to help you get the hang of it. The classes are conducted in 3-minute rounds and you can rest anytime.


    At what age can someone join?
    - 13 to over 70.


    What are the Fees?
    - The Classes classes are $22 per class with a 10 pass card or $200 Casual. Annual PCYC membership of $20 after the trial period. Keep an eye out for specials


    Can girls attend?

    - Yes, many girls join to learn the skills, build confidence and get fit without getting hit.


    Is there Sparring?
    - Yes but only on the Sparring classes, you must bring a mouth guard


    Are there private session available?

    - Yes, you can book a one on one or a small private group.


  • Chy

    Chy is the founder of Get Fit Boxing. He was a Bronze medalist in the Masters Games 2013. He is the head coach at PCYC North Sydney.
    m. 0405 181 600


    Sara is Australian Silver Medalist 2018, 57 kg division and twice a NSW State Champion boxer and personal trainer. She has competed interstate and Internationally.


    Coach at PCYC North Sydney


    Matt is an instructor with years of experience, a very good eye for technique correction, a passion for boxing and teaching.



    Coach at PCYC North Sydney


    Lizzie is a strong, fierce but very friendly person with a passion for strength and fitness.


    The queen of conditioning.


    Ric has a passion for boxing and years of experience to share.



    Coach at PCYC North Sydney


    Caroline is a tall beauty with a massive right cross. She loves boxing and all of life's adventures.

    She is Miss Adventure!



    Alex is an experienced boxer, boxing coach and personal trainer.

    M. 0498 659 778


    Matt is a boxer and coach who loves sharing his passion and knowledge of boxing. He is a boxing coach at PCYC North Sydney.

  • Grading Days

    Grading Days are on monthly
    To help you get motivated and set goals, we have grading days. You can test your boxing skills and fitness when our trainer will put you through your paces with high-intensity pad work rounds. See the front desk to schedule your Grading and let us know your shirt size.

    Bronze level is 2 rounds, covering the fundamental skills: stance, balance, 8 fundamental punches, 2 and 3 punch combos and a full-on cardio round.

    Silver level is 4 rounds, covering Bronze level skills plus: up to 6 defensive moves, 3 and 4 punch combos.

    Gold level is 6 rounds, covering Silver level skills plus: up to 10 countering punching combos, 5 and 6 punch combos.

    Platinum level is 8 rounds, covering Gold level skills plus interactive combos.


    These are extremely high-intensity rounds. You will receive a training shirt with a logo of the level completed as a sign of your achievement.

    Booking is essential! Additional costs apply: Bronze $60, Silver $80, Gold $100 and Platinum $120.

  • Contact us

    General enquiries or private classes 

    For additional information on any of our classes please email us at Chy@GetFitBoxing.com.au.
    Get Fit Boxing Pty Ltd, ABN 69 156 140 519.