• Corporate Group Training Program

    Benefits to your team

    Companies still need to provide their work-from-home staff with opportunities for:

    • Social connections (can't have a coffee together anymore) 
    • Team building (doing something fun together)
    • Mental health (to be positive)
    • Physical exercise (got to keep moving)
    • Positive focus (need that to be productive, creative and stay healthy.
    They will love these fun group sessions with their teammates.
    Happy staff are more productive, more creative and more healthy.
    The program consists of;
    • 45-60 minute Video conferencing sessions on Zoom, so you can all see each other
    • A positive focus statement from all participants to adjust their mindset
    • Limited to 12 team members per session
    Pricing from only $50 per person per month.
    For details contact
    M. + 61 405 181 600